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Experience the future of the private investigative industry with SIU's innovative approach to learning, development, and information distribution. Even in today's economy, companies are continually looking for highly trained Investigators and managers utilizing leading-edge tools and technology for meeting growing challenges. SIU is dedicated to your future in the Investigative Industry, by providing unprecedented education and field training to both develop and continue to expand on your expertise.


Special Investigative University is the leader in providing ongoing resources to help you grow throughout your career. SIU provides a hub of information, products, digital communication tools, and training that will keep you on the cutting edge of the investigative industry. SIU keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques to continually evolve your special investigative skills.


Through our pioneering hands-on field training and advanced E-Learning programs, you'll get REAL training, by REAL Investigators for REAL Investigators. The new skills obtained from this expert leadership will prepare you for a REAL career, without the high cost and time of a 4-year degree! SIU's leading-edge approach to find Real Careers in the investigative industry is unparalleled.